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ARTS CENTER of Stamford 

● The school year runs from September-May. Enrollment is for the school year. 

● The school year is divided into 3 billing cycles, or “trimesters.” Each trimester is approximately 3 months. 

● Tuition (below) is due at registration, then again in December and again in March. Due dates will be posted on the Event Calendar on our website and billing notices/reminders will be sent by email. Past-due tuition is subject to late fees.

● Discounts are included in the tuition below for any student or siblings who are taking multiple classes. 

Registration/Annual Membership fee:

$30 per family, per school year

Trimester Tuition (due 3 x per school year):

One class a week - $240

Two classes a week (per family) - $470

Three classes a week (per family) - $660

Four classes a week (per family) - $830

Five classes a per week (per family) - $980

Six classes a week (per family) - $1100

Seven classes a week (per family) - $1210

Eight classes a week (per family) - $1310

Nine classes a week (per family) - $1400

Ten or more classes a week (per family) - $1650

Adult Classes & Workshops

Regular weekly adult classes are offered at the above tuition rates (multiple class/family discounts included).  

Additionally, adult dance workshops or drop-in classes are sometimes offered during the school year. If you would like to be added to our adult class list, please email .

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LPAC Studio Handbook / Policies

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