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Can I watch my child's class?

Each studio is equipped with observation windows which open during the last 10 minutes of class so that you may see what the students have been working on. Classroom doors and curtains remain closed during class time to help dancers stay focused.

Can I sit in class with my child?

With the exception of our Mommy + Me class, parents are NOT allowed to sit inside the classroom during class time. If your child needs a moment to adjust, they may sit with you outside of the classroom until they are ready to participate. Please see LPAC staff if you need to enter the room after class has started.

May I drop off my child or leave the studio while my child is in class?

Absolutely! Feel free to run errands, grab a coffee, or go for a walk during class time. Older students (ages 9+) may be dropped off and picked up via the back entrance to the parking lot at your discretion.

What should my child bring to class?

Dancers should come ready with dance attire (see our Dress Code here) and it is recommended they bring a water bottle.

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