Dance Classes Offered:


Creative Movement


offers an introduction to dance for ages 3-5. Combining the basics of Ballet and Tap with imaginative, purposeful play, this class provides an understanding of dance technique and its relation to intuitive movement. It also forms the foundation for future pursuits in specialized areas of the performing arts.


Tiny Tots Hip Hop


is a fun and upbeat class for energetic pre-schoolers. Using child-appropriate popular music and dance moves, students learn patterns, rhythm and the art of both group and individual expression.






combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatics. Students develop physical agility through stretching and poses as well as an understanding of timing and artistry through dance.




is the premier technique of all modern dance forms. Created over 500 years ago, ballet is the foundation from which other dance disciplines borrow from. Students develop poise, strength and precision. Ballet has a strict dress code to encourage visual uniformity and structure and also to more easily monitor students’ posture and technical development.


Tap Dance


makes frequent use of syncopation. In Tap, the feet become instruments and movement becomes music. Dancers learn Tap vocabulary including shuffles, flaps, etc. The dancers warm up and then use steps they used in the warm up to build tap combinations. Choreography typically starts on the eighth or first beat count.






uses elements of ballet mixed with energetic personal expression to create a technically-based, yet entertaining, form of dance. Made popular by Broadway and movie musicals, jazz borrows from great choreographers such as Jack Cole, Bob Fosse and Gus Giordano. Jazz helps develop balance, musicality, and precision while also encouraging intuitive expression. Students also learn the Locust Technique, developed by the studio’s Artistic Director, Jimmy Locust.




Street Jazz


focuses on the art and structure of Jazz but has a Hip Hop/Funk flavor and uses upbeat music.




Hip Hop


is a popular genre of high-energy dance that started with urban street performers and has taken the world by storm. This expressive form of dance is largely beat-driven, with attention to rhythm and sequence. Within the broad spectrum of Hip Hop movement, many styles have emerged. Each Hip Hop teacher brings his or her own signature style to class, so that each class is a unique experience. 





Lyrical & Contemporary


draw from Jazz and Ballet to create emotionally-charged movement. Lyrical focuses on story-telling through dance, reflecting on the lyrics or theme of a song. These styles of dance mostly uses music with slower tempos.






has elements from classical ballet but uses movement that is less restricted and less formal. The class introduces students to the best of modern dance technique such as Graham, Limón, and Horton.




Musical Theater & Broadway Dance


is designed for those with an appreciation of dance made popular by Broadway, film and television musicals. With Broadway music as the backdrop, the class concentrates on jazz choreography and helps the student develop an expressive stage presence while telling a story through movement.

Locust Performing Arts Center dance studios offer top-notch dance instructors in every lesson.  If you are interested in enrolling, don't wait.  Dance classes  are limited in size to preserve the quality of instruction. Please call today and receive a FREE COMPLIMENTARY DANCE LESSON which is available to new dance students.

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